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June 2018 marks the third anniversary of the formation of the Tasman Business Association (TBA).  So it is timely to revisit our basic purpose - to support the development of cooperative business as well as the development of employment and further training experiences of our local community - especially our young people who depend on the support of family, friends and agencies on the Forestier or Tasman peninsulas.

Supporting the development of cooperative business has taken many forms. These have included help with training, recruitment support, mentoring  problem resolution, employment practice, financial advice, technology and web-based marketing, business negotiations, market and opinion research and the development of business case proposal for funding and project selection. This support has been low key - with no hype or publicity - but it highlights the potential of the TBA's support role and the importance of developing membership and running membership events as well as tapping in to the surprising business talent and experience of our two peninsulas.

Supporting the development of employment and ongoing  training experiences - especially for our youth - has also been a low key yet effective part of TBA activities. For instance, earlier this year, with strong support from TBA, a small group of Tasman District School students raised over $2500 making and selling food and craft products at the Koonya Garlic Festival and to local and interstate visitors. The students learned valuable practical lessons about selecting, producing, packaging, marketing and selling products - all critical skills to successful enterprise. The vision is that later in 2018 the TBA and suitably experienced locals again support students in developing their enterprise skills to sell over $5000 of products that build on our peninsulas' reputation for naturally great food.

To help push ahead with supporting local businesses and young people, the TBA plans to expand previous years' activities including a program of speakers, site visits, case-studies and networking. This will provide prospective members and young people an opportunity to experience and weigh up - first hand - the sorts of activities and resources that are available through the TBA. It will also provide a practical way for members and prospective members to shape program activities to serve their special interests.

Qualities like participating, communicating, supporting and helping are what the Tasman Business Association wants to emphasize in its next twelve month focus. This will again emphasize practical collaboration with other groups across the peninsulas and practical ways to support young people in further studies or transitioning to work.

The TBA's upcoming AGM - Wednesday 13 June at 5:30 pm at Gabriels on the Bay (Stewarts Bay - Port Arthur).

The AGM is open to members or anyone who is interested in becoming a member or would like to share a view about what they'd like to see the TBA do.

The existing committee - Steve McQueeney (President), Andy Griffiths (Treasurer), Jan Priest (Public Officer), Mark Etheridge (Secretary) - will step aside and positions for the next financial year (July 2018 - June 2019) will be open. So, if you'd like to be involved or have a say in what the TBA gets up to in 2018/19 then come along.